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The Story of Ms. Tonya

Hey y'all! I thought I would tell you about the wonderful lady I met on Thursday! My mom, nana (my mom's mom), and my sister all went to Costco to pick up some things. As we pulled in the parking lot, I noticed that this older lady was sitting on her walker on the curb before you pull into the parking lot, which is pretty normal, considering this certain curb is a hotspot for homeless people. I have always loved people (if you haven't noticed yet, lol), and I really enjoy helping out people in any way I can. I try to keep gift cards in my purse so if I notice a homeless person, I can at least buy them a meal. This certain lady stuck out to me, and I immediately felt like I needed to talk to her. After we parked, my mom and I walked down there to where this lady was. She immediately smiled and we struck up a conversation. We introduced ourselves, and she said her name was Tonya. This lady had such wisdom in her eyes, it was unreal. She looked at me, cocked her head to the si

Happy Father's Day!

It seems like just yesterday I did a post on Mother's Day. In reality, it was over a month ago! As this COVID-19 is *finally* coming to a close, everyone is enjoying getting out of the house, I'm sure. This morning we were able to have a semi-normal church service, actually sitting in chairs close to one another, and inside , lol. The only downside was that there were no hugs😥. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!   Sorry y'all, but my Dad is truly the best. A while ago, I was nominated for the Liebster Award, and one of the questions I answered was "What's one thing your dad does that makes you feel loved?" I answered that my Dad (lovingly called Daddy by me and my sister) was super involved in our lives and went above and beyond when it came to being a provider and a protector. Today will be a similar post to the Mother's Day post. I'm going to answer the same three questions I asked myself on Mother's Day. What are t

10 Pick One Questions

Several months ago, I purchased a book titled "3000 Pick One Questions." Perhaps you've heard of it. I think I got it at Target. I've answered 370 of 3000 questions. I thought I would share some with you today and give you my opinion of them. Then you can give your opinion of them in the comments if you want to.  Btw, I picked these particular questions by turning to a random page and picking the first one I laid my eyes on. Here goes.... Vintage or modern?  Vintage. I've always loved the 1950's, and I think it would be such a cool era to live in! Vans or Converse? I personally have never worn Vans. As for Converse, I had one pair, and.....I hated them. I'm not sure why. They dipped down weird on my foot, and I think it threw me off. I love the look of them though, and have several knock-off, more-comfortable pairs that I absolutely love. Chili: beans or no beans? Well, this depends on what type of chili we're talking about. If we're tal

I'm Standing With the Christians

Today I was going to post something else, but that can wait. Right now, I want to address something that has been heavy on my heart the past couple of weeks. I hesitate to post something like this, as this blog is meant to be a fun, light-hearted way to express my "Random Thoughts." I don't intend to post stuff like this often. And by that, I mean I don't intend to post stuff like this ever,  unless absolutely necessary. However, I do feel like I need to post this. The subject is not a fun one in any way, shape, or form. Racism. Such an ugly, ugly word. A word on the mouths of many Americans today. A word that has the power to induce fear, hate, and suffering. I do not intend to come at this subject with a political view. I intend to come at it with a Christian view. I heard it said that "Christ and racism do not mix. You cannot love Jesus and hate His creation." This is soooo true! Did God make a mistake when creating different colors of skin? And how is th

Liebster Award

Hello friends! When I got home from the beach, one of the first things I did was get caught up on my favorite blog, Musings by Ellen . When I did, I saw that she had nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much, Ellie, it means a lot! This is my first post that I've been tagged in, and I think it's so cool! Here's how it works: 1. Thank the person who nominated you 2. Display your award 3. Answer the questions you were asked 4. Nominate 5 bloggers 5. Ask 6 new questions 6. Let your nominees know they were nominated Ellie's Questions: 1. What's one thing your dad does that makes you feel loved? So I thought about this one for awhile, and I finally decided. The way he is involved in his daughters' lives. The father's job is to protect and provide for the family, which my Dad does wonderfully. However, he goes above and beyond and is very involved in our lives. I think it would be easier for him to be involved in his son's li

An Update on Tent Camping!!

Hi friends! I've missed you this week! Tent camping was sooooo much fun! To give you a few more details, we stayed at an RV campground in South Carolina, and rented a spot to put our "RV" in. Except, of course, we put a tent there instead! By no means were we roughing it! We had a nice 8 person tent, where we put a queen sized air mattress plus a twin sized air mattress. We put sleeping bags on top of that. We had a hanging organizer for our clothes, and several battery operated lights hanging from above, and one even had a little fan! The tent had windows, where if you rolled down the sides of the tent (by a zipper), there was a screen that would let the breeze in and keep the bugs out, so it didn't get hot. That was just inside our tent. Outside, we had a large canopy, where we set up tables to put kitchen utensils, plus a toaster oven and a two burner stove. We brought several extensions cords, so we could plug everything up. The ground was pretty much a sandy dirt