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New Blog Name??

 Hey y'all! So, I've been a part of the the Internet for just over 4 months now (wow, it's really been that long?!), and I'm not a huge fan of the name. It was a last minute decision, as I really couldn't think of anything "creative," so to speak. Y'all have seemed to like it, but I think it may be time for a new blog name. However, I'm still completely out of ideas for names. I need your help! Please, if you can think of a fresh, new blog name, please comment it below. If I have enough of you say that you like "Caleigh's Random Thoughts," best, I will probably keep it, but I'm really hoping for something new.  My original thought was to give you a few options for names, and have you vote; however, I really don't have any ideas! Please, let me know what you think! I look forward to seeing y'all's creative names!!

Top 5 Foods in the South

Hey y'all! Time has flown and it's been waaayyyy too long since I last posted. So I'm back, with another fun blog post! As y'all know, I live in the South, which most people can tell right away when they meet me due to my thick Southern accent. I love living in North Carolina, and I truly consider it a blessing. One of the greatest things about living in the South is the food. We sure do have some good food down here! It's so hard to pick, but I have narrowed down the Top 5 Foods In The South. Fried Chicken . This is a go-to in the South. In fact, most people, if asked to name one food that represented the South, would probably say fried chicken. I know I would. I know, I know, it's not the healthiest, but oh wow  it's so good! Cornbread.  True, this isn't a main dish, but cornbread is definitely sustenance in the South! Casseroles.  No matter what type, the South is all about their casseroles, especially at family gatherings. Some of my personal favorit