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Happy Thanksgiving!!

 Okay, I know I'm a day late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our family headed to Virginia to be with family for the day :). We had a lovely lunch of all the best Thanksgiving foods! What are you thankful for? I'm so thankful for a wonderful church family and good friends. I don't know what I'd do without them!! Here are some family pictures we took yesterday: My full family, minus my uncle who lives in New York and couldn't make it :( Cousins :) While we have our moments, we would do anything for each other!! Meet Millie the 6 week old chihuahua. Jellybean is probably 3 times her size, lol There is seriously nothing cuter than a puppy falling asleep on you 😂 Note to self: do NOT try to jump on your younger sister's back. The results are her immediately going down on her knees and you falling to the ground. This picture was taking seconds before landing directly on my rump, lol


 Hey y'all! It's been awhile, and my schedule has been off the charts crazy, lol. I thought I would post today and just give a little bit of a life update :). School has mostly taken up my time, but yesterday I had quite a productive day, which included:  ⭐getting completely caught up in school after weeks  of being behind (SUCH a good feeling, btw) ⭐taking my car to the carwash after weeks of it sitting outside with no cleaning (yikes) ⭐vacuuming out my car for the first time since I really don't know when ⭐going to pick up slushies for my family, plus my neighbors' adorable kids. My favorite slush is the lime slushie from Sonic. Have y'all ever been to Sonic? The rest of the day I didn't do much; I played some video games with my Dad, and then that night I joined my sister at the neighbor's house for s'mores and a bonfire :). This morning I went to church and now we're about to eat a delicious lunch my Mom has prepared. How has y'alls' week