Happy Mother's Day!

As the whole country (and other parts of the world, as well) have been affected by this COVID-19, this Mother’s Day certainly looks different from any other. I mean, imagine a muffled “Happy Mother’s Day!” as people hand their mothers a vase of flowers with gloves and a mask on! Well, maybe not, but many of us aren’t able to go to church today. My church had a parking lot service, where you pull into the church parking lot and tune your radios to a certain station to hear a message of God. But Mother’s Day is about honoring all the wonderful moms, mine being one!
There are sooooo many things I could say about Mama; she is so amazing! I’ve narrowed it down to three questions.

What are the top three best things about your mom?

First of all, her food. Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t think anyone can beat this lady’s cooking! Her fried fish is the literal best, and no one can touch her meatloaf. She is so very understanding! I have come to her, crying, feeling like my world was ending for one reason or another. After a 15 minute talk, however, I feel like all is right with the world again! I think the biggest thing my mama has done for me is TEACH me. I will readily admit, I can be as stubborn as a mule, especially when it comes to math, lol. She often says she is not patient, but if she wasn’t, she would have put me in the nearest public school a loooooong time ago. Being homeschooled all my life by her, she knows my personality very well, including my quirks. So yes, if you add all of these things up, she makes an amazing mother.

What is your favorite thing about her personality?

 I think my favorite thing about her personality is her sense of humor. To a person who didn’t know her very well, she could seem like a serious person, but this is not the case at all. She doesn’t make jokes, but every once in a while she will say something totally random, off topic. It will catch you off guard and make you laugh so hard you start crying. She says these things at the worst times, too. It seems like every time, I’ve just taken a big swig of water. Needless to say, the water ends up all over the floor. Oh well.

Off the top of your head, what would be the funniest moment you’ve had with your mom?

It would have to be when we were at the beach one year. My mom doesn’t like to get her hair wet unless she’s taking a shower (unlike her daughter, who is part fish. I get it from my dad). She also never learned how to swim. There was no need, considering she doesn’t like to get her hair wet. Anyways, I asked her to come out in the ocean with me and teach me how to boogie board. Just as I was getting the hang of it, we heard people around us giving cries of exclamation. We both turned around to find the BIGGEST wave we had ever seen looming upon us. We only had about 3 seconds to decide what to do. I decided to dive into it (good idea), and my mom decided to brace against the impact (bad idea). Even after diving into it, I think I flipped over about 50 times. My boogie board was attached to my wrist, thank goodness, or it would no longer be around. It also hit me on the head every time I rolled. When the “turbulence” was finally over, I came up for air, naturally. I also was looking for my mother, knowing she would not be happy she had just been tossed around like a rag doll. About two seconds after I surfaced, Mom came up, somewhat like flailing seal. She was coughing and sputtering, and finally managed to croak out, “Caleigh!” I knew she was okay, considering I could stand up. “I’m behind you,” I said. She spun around. “Are you OKAY?” She wanted to know. “I’m fine. Are you?” I said, trying my hardest not to giggle. “I’m okay….but….I forgot to hold my breath.” No wonder she had come up sputtering! “I think I’m done for now. Your dad can take over.” I followed as she marched out of the ocean and up the beach. She walked up to my dad, who was lounging on a beach towel, and tossed her sopping wet hat at him. “Your turn!” was all she said as she wrung out her *wet* ponytail. To this day, we still joke about the “tsunami” that got Mama’s hair wet.

People say my mother and I could be twins...what you think??

What are your favorite things about your mom? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!


  1. This is an amazing post, Caleigh!!! Mothers are indeed one of God's most beautiful gifts. <333 Thanks so much for sharing! Tell your mom I said happy Mother's Day. :)

    1. Thank you, Ellie! Mama said to tell you thank you, and Happy Mother's Day to your mom as well!

  2. My mom is always there to listen to me, and gives me heartfelt, wise, advice.

  3. Sweet post! Yes, you and your mom could be twins!

    1. Thanks! People constantly mistake us for one another ALL THE TIME. I think it's because we're about the same height? Lol


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