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Hey y'all! I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted! That's crazy! The past week was a very busy one, as my youth group was having camp from Monday-Thursday from 5:00 PM-9:00 PM and I had volleyball camp from Wednesday-Friday from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. It was extremely busy, and kept me moving, but this is just my cup of tea. My Mama always says she has to have white space on her calendar, but the busier my calendar is, the happier I am. However, everyone has a breaking point, and, well, let's just say that I'm glad this week is over, lol! What have y'all been doing this summer? Lots of people are saying it's the worst summer ever, but this has been one of the best for me! I've really enjoyed driving around and hanging out with my best friend at the park.

My, it's good to be back on the blog! It's such an energy reliever for me. If you're thinking of starting one but aren't sure, I would definitely recommend! Aaaaannnnnyyyyways, Caitlyn O'Brien has nominated me for another tag! I lovelovelove tags, they are one of the best things about blogging! This one is called the My Favorite Things Tag, so without further ado, let's go!

💗 Thank and link back to the person who tagged you. Thank you, Caitlyn!

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💗Write about eight of your favorite things in your post

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1. Family/Friends. Being an extrovert (which if you don't know by now means you're new to the blog;)), people make me extremely happy, especially the people that mean the most to me! 
2. Food. Boy, I really love food. Good comfort food, especially. From cooking it to eating it, I love it all! (Except for cleaning the mess up, lol)

3. Books. There is nothing, nothing like a good book. Little House on the Prairie, Andi Carter, and Anne of Green Gables makes me sooooo happy!

Yes, this is just one of my three bookshelves;) See any of your favorites?
4. Music. Listening to music can seriously get me out of the WORST moods. Feeling sad? There's a song for that. Angry? There's a song for that. Disappointed? There's a song for that. Happy? There's a song for that. I just discovered that For King and Country came out with a remix for their song Together and I AM IN LOVE. 

5. Driving. I love to drive. Seriously. You can ask my mother. Anytime we are going ANYWHERE I ask to drive separate. I love to go on a drive and listen to my favorite music.

6. Kids. Kids are my passion. All ages. They are the best thing ever. Earlier this week I was on my way home with my sister when about a block from home I saw some kids selling fresh squeezed lemonade from their backyard. I didn't have any money so I quickly ran home and grabbed some and then went back and got two glasses of the best lemonade I had ever tasted! It was sooooo good! The kids were super sweet, too!

7. Animals. All animals, but dogs and bunnies especially. I swear my pet bunny is my emotional support animal!;)
8. Sunsets/Sunrises. I think they are the most beautiful thing on this green earth! I love watching the sun go down, and on the rare occasion I get up early enough to see the sunrise ;)

vs. Sunset
Wow, that's it! That was super easy! I am a firm believer in loving the little things in life. Don't just live for the big moments! I know from experience that some of the best memories are made in just everyday life!!

Now, for the nominations....

  • Lilly
  • Hannah (Bookworm3000) in the comments
  • Sarah Grace in the comments
  • Elate in the comments
Uhhh that's it. I can't think of anyone else that hasn't already been nominated, lol. Oh, and I got this question last time, so just to clarify, for those of you nominated in the comments, NO, you don't have to nominate other people. You can if you want to, of course, but no pressure. And you don't have to add pictures bc I know that would be hard to do in the comments. This post was a lot of fun to do!!


  1. Loved reading this!! <3 Thx for sharing!

  2. Love this post! Your bunny is so cute, whats is his or her name? ^-^

    1. Thanks, Jovey! Her name is Jellybean😜


  3. I waited for this and I loved it!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for nominating me, Caitlyn! It was so fun to do!


  5. Thanks, Caleigh! :D

    1. Hanging out with family. All 6 of us went on a hiking day trip (we took the dog, too) on Sunday. It was SOOO fun. The sad thing is, short family trips like that are going to become scarce (at least, ones that include the WHOLE family) because my oldest brother, Peyton, is going to college in a few weeks.
    2. Friends. It's a bit hard for me to hang out with friends these days, but what really makes it hard is that we stopped going to church for 2-3 because of COVID, but then we went back for about 6 weeks, then some people in our church tested positive so we went back to livestream only. So I got to see some of my closest friends for a weeks, but now we're 'torn apart' again. But my best just mentioned something about a party next Sunday, so... :D
    3. Books that really get me emotional (whether it causes me to be on the edge of my seat, be surrounded in a puddle of tears, or laugh my heart out, I love it!).
    4. Good movies (The Sound of Music included *winks*). I actually mainly watch older movies (James Stewart, Katharine Hepburn, Gary Cooper, etc. are some of my favorite actors and actresses).
    5. *sings* Raindrops on roses... *singing dies down* but seriously, I LOVE the sound of rain!!!!! <3
    6. Singing/whistling/humming and listening to songs/music.
    7. (It's getting tougher.) Being in musical theatre. Last August, I attended a Christian musical theatre group that several people I already knew had been going to. I really enjoyed, but our play (which was supposed to be in May) got canceled. That's a bummer, especially since it was my first time. :-|
    8. *scrambles in my mind to make it a good one* I'd have to say, watching musicals. LOL XD Especially in person (much better than YouTube ;-)), though I actually have not been to a ton. :D

    This was fun; thanks again! <3

    1. Yaaaayyyyy! Thanks, for playing along, Hannah! Glad you had fun, I loved your answers! Especially for #5! Me too, girl! The smell after it rains is amazing, as well!!



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