Challenge//Day 14πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Hello all! Before getting into today's post, I would like to announce that Ellie is having a giveaway on her blog! Today is the last day to enter, so you should definitely check it out!!

We're back for our third challenge! Hopefully you had a chance to complete the last two challenges, but I do realize that many of you are quarantining at home, so some of these may be hard to complete. Again, these are just for fun, so please do not feel pressured to do them! However, today's challenge is easy to do without leaving your house!

For the third challenge, I would like to appreciate the postal workers. The holiday season is an extremely busy time for them! It's so nice to be able to be able to pause for a moment and have a drink and a treat. My family has done this the past several years now, and we love it! 

Each year around the holiday season we set out a basket of food with a sign that says that the snacks are for the USPS, UPS, FedEx, and all other postal services. Here's a picture of one of the years that we did this:

Last year, we added more variety to the snacks. Some things to include might be:

  • fruit
  • bottles of water (last year we bought the small bottles: easier to fit in the basket; easier to carry around)
  • bottles of soda
  • fruit snacks
  • personal bags of chips
  • Little Debbies
  • peanut butter crackers
  • homemade goodies (one year we made chocolate dipped Oreos that we put in ziploc bags and handed out)
Put this basket on a chair wherever the postal services normally place your packages. You might even get a sweet note, such as this one that we got on the corner of a package:

Above all, remember to appreciate the people who work behind the scenes to make your Christmas a joyful time!!


  1. Awesome!
    My family probably won't do a gift basket this year, but we have done it a couple of times before. :) The kids (and I) loved watching from the windows to see who would take a treat. =D
    Thx for sharing about my giveaway!! <3

  2. We did this last year. We aren't doing this this year as we don't have any spare candy or snacks.

    1. Understandable! That's cool that you were able to do it last year tho!


  3. Fun! I would like to do that. :D


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