Challenge//Day 2πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Welcome back!! I hoped you enjoyed yesterday's post, and perhaps you've already added some new songs to your Christmas playlist! Today's post is going to be one that you'll see once a week. The point of this is to help us all (me included) get into the true Christmas spirit. These are challenges that you'll have one week to complete. Obviously, it's up to you whether you complete them or not, and you won't get a prize, except for the *special* happy feeling in the pit of the stomach that can only come from serving others. However, I would love to hear about your adventures below in the comments, so don't be shy! Each Monday (with exceptions at the beginning and the end of Blogmas), I will post a challenge for you to complete, that will help another human being, and hopefully put a smile on their (and your!!) face. 

So, for today's challenge....

I challenge you to go out and pay for a stranger's meal one day this week. Whether that means picking up fast food and dropping it off in the hands of a person on the corner of a street, or paying for the person behind you in the drive thru, it doesn't matter. Make it personal to you. The key here is to spend your money on another person's meal. So, go out, pay for someone's meal, and don't forget to scurry back over here to tell me about it!!


  1. Sweet! 😊 ♥️
    I’ll try! But we aren’t going anywhere (I mean, literally not leaving home πŸ˜†)
    So I’ll see what I can do!

    1. I completely understand! Thanks for giving it your best shot!!



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