Challenge//Day 7πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

 Hey y'all! Today, we're back with another challenge! This week, I challenge you to deliver 5 compliments every day for a week. A few rules:

πŸ’­ you have to mean what you say

πŸ’­ you can't use the same compliments over and over again; change it up!

πŸ’­ while you can totally pay compliments to people you know, try to get out of your comfort zone and a pay a compliment to a stranger!

πŸ’­ at least 2 compliments per day should not be used with your family

Okay! Now go out and make peoples' days!! 


  1. Uhh, I don't go somewhere every day and quite a few of the people I email/text are my cousins. But I'll try! Fun challenge! =)

    1. I totally understand. This is all just for fun, and the "rules" are really just suggestions :). Whatever you can do, do it!



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