Gift Ideas//Day 3πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

 Have you ever felt stuck when trying to decide what to get friends and family for Christmas? I know I sure have. Often times, it's December 20th, and I still have Christmas shopping to do! I'm definitely not the type to get an early start, lol. So, this is a list of my favorite Christmas gifts, perfect for friends and family.

  1. A box of goodies. This is a great idea, especially during this crazy season, where some people might not be able to get together with family members. It's also a super simple way to say "Merry Christmas! I'm thinking of you." It's also fairly inexpensive, depending on how much you want to put in the box. Simply fill up a packing box with some of your receiver's favorite, non-perishable items, such as dry snacks, books, card games, or anything else you can think of! A fun touch would be to cover the inside with wrapping paper. Then, add a personal note telling the person how much they mean to you, tape the box up, and send it out! My pen pal and I have done this before, and I can testify, it's such a nice feeling to receive a "love package!" 
  2. A recipe jar. This can either be shipped or given by hand, which makes this the perfect gift. All you'll need is a Mason jar and recipes for treats, which can be found HERE. The point of this gift is to include the dry ingredients for a sweet treat to a Mason jar, and then include instructions on how to make the treats. This requires very little work on your end, and still makes your friend feel special!
  3. Sugar Scrubs. Okay, to be honest, I've never actually used a sugar scrub. However, I've heard that they are amazing!! This would be a great DIY gift for pretty much anyone, and could potentially go in your box of goodies. There are many, many recipes for sugar scrubs on the internet, but this one is a peppermint flavored scrub, perfect for the Christmas season. 
Okay, hopefully this has given you some ideas for great gifts to give to friends and family!! See ya tomorrow! 


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