This or That: Christmas Edition//Day 20πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

I did a post like this a few months ago, so I figured it was time for another one, but Christmas version! I will be answering these for myself, but feel free to answer these in your blog or in the comments below!!

  • Hot chocolate or apple cider? Hot chocolate. Don't get me wrong, I looovvee apple cider too, but there's something so nostalgic about hot chocolate
  • Real or fake Christmas tree? For me, I've never had a real Christmas tree, but my parents did before I was born. While I've heard that they are quite beautiful (and they smell good), they seem like a lot of work! So, for me the answer is fake, but I could see why people like the real deal!
  • Ice skating or Sledding? I love both, but I especially love sledding. We have a big hill behind our house that is the best for sledding down! Adrenaline rush!!
  • Getting or giving? For me, it's giving. As much as I love receiving presents, I absolutely love going out and buying them for those I love! The only thing holding me back is not having funds. Mercy knows what I'd do if I had a limitless budget! 
  • Getting together with friends, family, or both? Okay, I know this is three options, but I couldn't possibly pick one or the other. Family is super important, and if I had to choose it would be family, but my friends are extremely important to me as well! Getting together with friends around the holiday season is so much fun! My answer is for sure both!
  • Turkey or ham? This might be more of a Thanksgiving question, but at the same time people eat both for Christmas too. For me, it's ham all the way. While turkey is good, ham is soooo much better, in my opinion!
  • Christmas music before Thanksgiving or no? Yes, but not too soon. Christmas music is sacred in my opinion, and should be saved for special occasions, but I don't have the self-discipline to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start listening to it, lol. I did start creating my Christmas playlist (which you can find on YouTube here) way back in September, but I didn't start listening to it until mid November. So the answer is yes, but not too soon.
  • Multicolored or white lights? I love both, and in a previous post, I mentioned that we have a "candy cane" tree, which is my personal favorite. So I guess both, because it has red and white lights. If I had to choose strictly between the traditional white lights or the rainbow lights, I would go with white lights. They are so simple and sweet!
  • White Christmas or no? Yesssss, probably because NC has not gotten very many white Christmases. Only a few years ago, we wore shorts and t-shirts on Christmas day because it was like 75° outside!! Most of our snow (if we get any) comes in January, February, and sometimes a random flurry in March or even April, lol.
  • Toppers for the Christmas tree: star or angel? This one is actually pretty hard for me, because I love both. I'm going to go with angel though, because that's what we have on our Christmas tree this year :).
Okay, that's all! Be sure to comment down below what your opinions are, and if you have any Christmas themed this or that questions for me, drop them in the comments below, and I'll try to answer them :).


  1. I agree with having ham on Christmas Day. ;) Turkey is okay, but not a favorite.
    Enjoyed reading this! <3

    1. Yay! I haven't found many people who agree with me on that, lol! Thank you!


  2. This was fun to read, Caleigh!

  3. This was fun!!!
    Hot Chocolate, Real (though ours is fake) Sledding, Both, Family, Ham, This year before!, White, Yes! though I've never gotten one!, Star!


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